Is it safe to clean gutters from roof?

Cleaning gutters in a building is a necessary annual task, but not paying attention can cause personal injury and property damage. If more building owners and facility managers knew the right way to clean roof gutters, there would be fewer injuries and fatalities and far less damage to property. While some professional gutter cleaners can walk on the roof, the average homeowner shouldn't try. If you see standing water or mold near the base, it may indicate that the gutters are clogged or that there may be a defect in the gutter system.

To clean gutters by hand, you'll need a ladder, bucket, gutter shovel (or garden trowel), and heavy-duty work gloves. Using your hand or a gutter post, push the rag along the inside of the gutter so that it drags all debris with it. This may be a good time to consider upgrading old ones with gutter protectors or screens or with seamless gutters. For best results in keeping gutters clean and preventing roof damage, it's a good idea to install screens on top of gutters.

To do this, start at the far end of the gutter, away from the downspout, and soak the rag so you can mold it to fit in the gutter. To reduce or avoid the undesirable chute cleaning task altogether, consider installing a screen, such as Raptor stainless steel micromesh gutter protection. Before you decide to clean the gutters on your own, pick up a good pair of sturdy gloves to prevent cuts and scratches while removing debris from the gutters. Beating on a high ladder while trying to get leaves out of a gutter is not the safest way to clean gutters.

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