Who is responsible for cleaning a rental property?

Since the property remains in the hands of tenants once they sign a lease, it becomes their responsibility. They are always held liable if they inflict any damage to property for them. Therefore, tenants must maintain good care of the property. In most cases, especially in single-family homes, tenants are responsible for cleaning windows, including the exterior %26 of the interior.

If windows are not cleaned, they may deteriorate if they cannot be opened or closed properly. Hopefully, windows are easy to access for routine cleaning. For larger buildings, where the tenant may not be able to access the outside of their windows, landlords or an HOA are likely to be responsible for cleaning the windows. Tenants should start by checking the lease agreement.

In the event that a tenant is responsible for their windows, we recommend hiring a third party and approving it by the landlord. Remember that safety is always the top priority. Landlords are generally not responsible for cleaning inside the rental, even if they are responsible for the outside of the rental. A strong argument that falls on the homeowner's shoulders is that the landlord repairs the roof and ensures that the exterior of the home is in good condition.

Likewise, the homeowner must also keep the gutters clean, since the gutters are part of the roofing system. Many landlords don't want the responsibility of sending a tenant up a ladder to take care of the dangerous task of cleaning gutters. Often, the outside of the house is forgotten during the moving contest. Check your flower beds and lawns.

Make sure everything is clean of debris and weeds. Mow the lawn before handing over the keys. Rake any leaves that may be lying around. Check your sprinklers to make sure they are all working properly.

If a lease does stipulate that the tenant is responsible, it must also require the tenant to hire a professional gutter cleaner with the correct license and insurance. If you don't want to worry about who needs to clean your gutters again, contact Gutter Helmet and we'll put you in touch with your local installer. You may want to split a cleaning bill for a professional gutter cleaner or each do one cleaning a year.

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